Friday, November 18, 2011

X16 Pulsar Assault Weapon

X16 Pulsar

In the early stage of script writing I have already decided that the weapon technology for Palestine 3000 A.D. must not be a combustive one because of the catastrophic atmosphere then. It is also must not be that cliché like many sci-fi stories that use lasers. Based on those restrictions I have to create something totally new which I called ‘Pulse’. So what is ‘Pulse’? You have to wait for another millennium for the answer or you can have a sense of it in the graphic novel.  For the design of the gun I borrowed from another sci-fi design and implanted a new front end for the pulse assembly.

Pulsar Generatror

As an artist who have a strange hobby like electronics I don’t have to look deep for a believable Pulse Generator. It is powered by a high voltage cells that recharged itself. The output is then compressed by a series of magnetic focus rings.  It looks like a working design but don’t ask me for the schematics.

Gun Pose Maya

Here is the character ‘Balak’ posing with the X16 Pulsar. I am not here to glamorized the Zionist’s soldier. Most of the things in Palestine 3000 A.D. are metaphoric. The X16 is the metaphor of the M16. The Nazi-like uniform soldiers is a metaphor of the Zionist’s soldiers. The only glamour they poised is in the eyes of the devils. There is no single shred of righteousness in them. For people who broke the covenant with God only belongs to the devils. It is better to have no home or a country rather than to displease your Creator. They are no more God chosen people but devil chosen. Now you can see the picture above has a different perspective.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Darkon’s Weapon

I had designed a saber weapon for the Three Bastards previously which I recently found not that fitting for scumbag soldiers. It was more appropriate for warriors. So I redesigned a new multi function weapon specifically for the character Darkon. The design is a cross-breed of a dagger and a gun but without the bullet.

Bastard New Weapon RenderedDuring the process of designing in 3D I realized that the handle area do not fit the hand well. So I did some alterations and also added extra functions aligned with the script. All of the hidden functions will be revealed in the graphic novel.

Zionist Skull

I also added the Zionist-Skull crest for the touch of evilness to the design. Yes there is nothing righteous about the Zionists. They are just Euro trash hijacking Judaism. The devil’s eyes on the skull tell it all.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The 3D Set And Putting It Together

Sitting in Cockpit FlatLineThere were many 3D sets, props and characters that I have built for Palestine 3000 A.D.. I have started putting things together for the book layout. Though the final output is not 3D but the elements helped me to get the right camera and lighting angles. It is not just for show but it is a part of the storytelling.

There are a number of 3D and 2D software that I am using for this project. These are the tools that I had accumulated through the years as a digital animator. Though it may sound lavish but the production for Palestine 3000 A.D. on everyday basis is still very much on a shoestring budget. I am still an underdog who is trying to create awareness about Palestine.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The concept behind the Sub-Porter


The Sub-Porter is the only design that I have to re-conceptualized that forces the re-editing of the script. It was meant to be a simple rover but my artistic nature prevented me from keeping it simple. This is a benefit for not being a part of the corporate structure where ideas become the victim of corporate politics. Yet my ideas are not just self-indulgent. It has some reality within the insanity.

The Sub-Porter is not a vehicle on its own. It is a transporter for the Sub-Razor. In the above picture you can see the Sub-Razor docked in the middle of the Sub-Porter. In today’s concept it is like the rocket booster for the Space Shuttle. I can see in the future that the concept of transportation will be like this. People will travel in capsules that dock into transporters of various kind to accommodate the environment.

This is the angle from below. Many have asked me  is it a spaceship. The truth is, it is far from space. It travels underground. The sky and the ground is becoming dangerous each day. The coward militaries drop bombs wherever they please. There are no real warriors nowadays. Just button pusher sissies.

At the end of the day you might ask do these sci-fi gizmos got anything to do with the plight of the Palestinians. At this point of time I would say yes. Palestine 3000 A.D. is just like the Sub-Porter that function as a transporter. It has created the awareness across all walks of life through many cultures, religions and political boundaries. Supporting Palestine is no more a radical thing, it has become a cool thing.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Palestine 3000 A.D.–Cover Design

Art is usually an expression of the artist rendered on his canvas. The moments that he captured which he felt so profound. But sometime  the subject itself  has its own expression. The expression that could be one in a lifetime or could be perpetual. But non is so iconic like the Palestinian kids throwing stones at the Israel Defense Force.

That defiant pose inspired the cover design of book 1. It is taken from one of the scene in the book. It is nearly impossible to draw something that is dark. Since the concept of Palestine 3000 A.D. is film noir mixed with graffiti, rules can be broken. Given the lights I could bend reality.

The illustration was done digitally using Wacom Intuos 4. The software was Corel Painter 11 and the graphics were done in Photoshop and Illustrator. It is kind of inverse drawing that is it is not painted  on white background. Black and white are painted on grey. The main medium is oil pastel. Solid lines were drawn with ink and 2B pencil. Certain fill areas were done with soft air brush. Collectively it looks like a graffiti.

The only problem was the light rays. As a 3D artist I am quite used to soft foggy light rays. To blend with the graffiti look I have to use a coarse airbrush. Fortunately there is a variant that is named ‘graffiti’ that gave me exactly what I wanted.

The wonderful thing drawing digitally is the paints remain wet. I could erase and re-blending it at anytime. The final work is the 10th iteration. This the final look of Palestine 3000 A.D.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Balak & Berea – Sidekick Bastards


Every corrupt leader in this world got powerful because of the people that support and elevate them. Without the support he is just a common rascal dying for attentions. Somehow there are always people who are willing to be sidekicks to such rascals. Underachievers who failed to make a name for themselves and ending up as sidekicks to someone who have a bit more tricks than them.

Balak and Berea are such sidekicks. Balak the one on the left though taller than Darkon but shorter in intellect. While Berea on the right is short and paunchy with a brain of a hog.  They are men with no principals except licking the boots of their leader Darkon.

The Bastards’ uniform concept is what I coined as NaZionist based on the German Nazis who persecuted the Jews during WWII. The Zionists hijacked the situation to gather  international sympathy and support for the State of Israel not in Germany but in Palestine whose people had nothing to do with the persecution. Instead they emulate the trades of their oppressors  to rob the land in Palestine and persecute the locals. This is where the idea of Nazionist came. It simply fits the crime.

The Anti Defamation League may accuse me of defamation but the real defamation is created by the Zionists against  the Jews.  All Zionists may be Jewish but not all Jews are Zionists.


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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Darkon - The Head of the Bastards

I don't have to design villains. They designed themselves for no reason that I couldn't explain. Perhaps it is a disease that they inherited or just a damnation on earth. Such characters don't deserve a righteous Jewish name. For most Jewish names are good inspired by great Prophets and their families.

For the head of 'The Three Bastards' I chose a Judea-Roman name instead because he don’t deserve a righteous Jewish name. I named him Darkon. A blue-eyed, white bleach haired IDF soldier who probably came out of the woodwork of Europe and claimed himself to be Jewish. Probably in the future Israel will be infested all over with this kind.

Darkon was based on a commercial 3D model that I morphed to a point of despicability. I bleached and restyled his hair just like the character Rutger Hauer played in Blade Runner as the Replicant. Though Darkon is not a machine but he behaved like one. No remorsity. Just pure beast. A fine example of an IDF dog. Not just a dog, he is a diseased dog. A kind of disease that will crawl onto your skin so quickly before you know it. If you try to get rid of it they will labeled you as anti-Semitic. While Semite itself is not a disease. They just trick you so that you like the infection and be corrupt like them based on a false advertising of the promised land.
The Zionist disease that creeps into your head will confuse you in differentiating between villains and heroes. As you have seen on the media nowadays you know that disease is already working on you. Lies sound so sweet while reality tasted so bitter. So who is the real hero? The real heroes are the ones who still have their conscience. Not the ones who posed to be one. But Darkon is not pretentious about it. He openly declared to be no good. I don't have to elaborate with his outfit. I just kept it simple. I didn't even attach any military gear on him. The Zionists are prying on my work. I don't intend to reveal it all. It is part of a deception. Lets their brains freak out because deception is a very deadly weapon.