Friday, November 18, 2011

X16 Pulsar Assault Weapon

X16 Pulsar

In the early stage of script writing I have already decided that the weapon technology for Palestine 3000 A.D. must not be a combustive one because of the catastrophic atmosphere then. It is also must not be that cliché like many sci-fi stories that use lasers. Based on those restrictions I have to create something totally new which I called ‘Pulse’. So what is ‘Pulse’? You have to wait for another millennium for the answer or you can have a sense of it in the graphic novel.  For the design of the gun I borrowed from another sci-fi design and implanted a new front end for the pulse assembly.

Pulsar Generatror

As an artist who have a strange hobby like electronics I don’t have to look deep for a believable Pulse Generator. It is powered by a high voltage cells that recharged itself. The output is then compressed by a series of magnetic focus rings.  It looks like a working design but don’t ask me for the schematics.

Gun Pose Maya

Here is the character ‘Balak’ posing with the X16 Pulsar. I am not here to glamorized the Zionist’s soldier. Most of the things in Palestine 3000 A.D. are metaphoric. The X16 is the metaphor of the M16. The Nazi-like uniform soldiers is a metaphor of the Zionist’s soldiers. The only glamour they poised is in the eyes of the devils. There is no single shred of righteousness in them. For people who broke the covenant with God only belongs to the devils. It is better to have no home or a country rather than to displease your Creator. They are no more God chosen people but devil chosen. Now you can see the picture above has a different perspective.

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